A collection of casual earthy copper pieces decoratively contorted, fire colored and bound by leather strapping


ISOLATION 2020-The Limited Series

Created during the Pandemic of 2020, the Isolation Series stems from the overwhelming angst of isolation and continual mundane repetition from day to day. Wire shapes overlap in a small mass of confusion with no escape. However, at second glance, you notice that each overlapping piece in fact does have a start and end resulting that with careful maneuvering, there are ways around the isolation and hope is in sight.

Each design is a one-of-a-kind piece of art, made with thought and emotion.


Observations: The Surveillance of Human Nature-The Limited Series

This part of my 2020 series stems from my observations of society months after the pandemic began. As we started our release back into the world, our actions became apprehensions and skepticisms. As a result, I relayed my surveillance into my art through these pieces.

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